Save Money

This sounds simple yet is done so little these days. Saving money is something that many people have problems doing and it really only takes a little bit of discipline. Here are a few ways to save up some money without sacrificing too much.

Live Below Your Means

piggy bankLet’s say Bill makes $45k a year. If he decides to take out a loan and live in a big house he will be paying back that loan for a long time and will have almost no extra money to spend. He will feel as if he is living paycheck to paycheck. Now let’s say he buys a cheaper house and doesn’t have to take out a large loan. He will be saving money and will have more money to go out and eat or spend on things that he wants. The only difference is a few square feet of living space.

Put Aside Money Every Month

An easy and effective way to save money is to put aside a percentage of your income every month. Put it away and do nothing with it. Put it into an IRA and do not touch it until you retire. The accumulating interest will help a lot in the future and there will be less worry about retirement.
There is also an option of putting the money into a savings account. The money can then be used for emergencies or vacations depending on the amount saved up. This can also get you into the habit of paying back loans because you will be essentially paying yourself every month in installments based on the amount of money made.